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Dirty Time Library: Norway
December 4, 2022: 12:00-15:00
Familiedag på USF
Come and contribute to the Traveling Dirty Library. Bring some dirt with you from someplace important to you or collect some at USF and Hey There Kapplow from Dirty Time will add your dirt (and your story about) it in the Traveling Dirty Library! How to Donate to the Dirty Library

We are collecting dirt and personal stories about dirt. If you are able to mail us some dirt from a place in your life that is significant to you, we will include it in our traveling dirt library, and you can tell us a story about the dirt in your life through our Dirty Library Hotline by calling 617-861-8898.

An envelope addressed to Goethe Institut leaning against a plasterwork white ribbon Drop your dirt in the post: Dirty Time, c/o Goethe Institut, 170 Beacon Street, Boston MA 02116.

Not sure you have a dirty story? Try answering some of these questions:

If you are contributing dirt to the library:
Where did the dirt that you’re contributing to the library come from and why is that place important to you? What does the place smell like? What kinds of plants and animals or other things are there? Do you know anything about the composition of the dirt that you can share? What did collecting and contributing the dirt feel like?

If you are just contributing a story to the dirty library hotline:
What is your earliest memory of dirt? What dirt have you encountered in your life that you remember the most clearly? Describe a place where you really like or hate the dirt. What kinds of messages or facts about dirt do you remember learning over the course of your life? What different kinds of dirt have you seen or come in contact with in your life? How do you think dirt has changed over time? How do you think dirt will change in the future? Have you ever dreamed of dirt? What did you dream? Describe how dirt smells. Have you ever eaten dirt? What makes you feel dirty?

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