Dirty Time Logo, a pollen grain outline with clock hashes and queer typography reading Dirty Time


Right Now:

A dirty manicure by Sarah Dahlinger, green fingers with long pink nails getting dirt in the nail beds from a nail polish brush. Text reads: DIRTY SIGNS


Join us for Dirty Signs at the Flux House on Governors Island from September 23 - October 1 with Think Tank activities and artist reception on Saturday, September 30 from 1-5pm.

Even though dirt is where our food comes from, is where our bodies get buried when we die, and is literally everywhere we go, it is not represented yet in the emoji universe. Somehow we have emojis for unicorns, pufferfish, poodles and Santa Claus, but not dirt! Dirty Time is planning to try to correct this oversight and will be submitting a proposal for a dirt emoji to the Unicode foundation in 2024.

a hybrid emoji from Emoji kitchen made from the poo emoji and the bacteria emoji
Dirty Signs is an exhibition of international artist responses to the idea of emojifying dirt, featuring works by B a r b a r a Schneider, Daniel S. DeLuca, Ed Woodham, Gustavo Gómez-Mejía, IPRAMENE, Lee Tusman, Liz Nofziger, M Greenwald, Maia Liebeskind, Noelle Salaun, Renée Crowley, Sarah Dahlinger and Vidya Giri in 2D, 3D and 4D formats. Dirty Time will also be collecting visitor suggestions for a potential dirt emoji through a “think tank” installation within the exhibition, and several participatory activities on September 30.

Dirty Signs runs from September 23 - October 1 2023, with a rousing closing event including live performances by Sarah Dahlinger and Ed Woodham for the exhibition on September 30 from 1-5pm.

a hybrid emoji from Emoji kitchen made from the rock emoji and the melting face emoji

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